Dad has daughter, 10, walk 5 miles to school after bullying incident

Dad has daughter, 10, walk 5 miles to school after bullying incident

But her father had other ideas, deciding to teach her a lesson for being a bully.

Instead, he would make her walk to school.

He videoed the punishment and took to Facebook to make a statement against bullying.

An Ohio father made his 10-year-old daughter walk to school.

"Bullying is unacceptable", Cox said in the video.

"As you see, this morning she is learning otherwise".

Mr Cox added that many children feel entitled to privileges like being taken to school in the morning by vehicle or bus.

Matt Cox, a native of Swanton, Ohio, prompted a divide in opinions nationwide after he punished his 10-year-old daughter for bullying by making her walk five miles to school in near-freezing temperatures. "I'm not going to be another parent that's just going to brush things under the rug and say, 'Kids will be kids'". (He broke up the miles over her three-day suspension, 13 ABC explains.) In a video filmed while he followed slowly behind her in his auto, Cox says, "So children, if you're watching this, please understand that bullying is unacceptable".

Prof Dorothy Espelage of the University of Florida, a psychology researcher and expert on youth bullying, told the BBC it is far more common for parents of bullies to not admit their child is in the wrong. "Thanks everyone, have a great day".

He captioned the video, "Life lessons!"

Kirsten, who told local ABC affiliate WTVG she'd been bullied herself, said she'd learned the error of her ways.

The video of the father's punishment has garnered over 15m views on Facebook and thousands of comments.

A dad in OH who took a unique approach in addressing his daughter's bad behavior at school is receiving both praise and criticism.

It's a video that's been viewed millions of times of a girl walking to school.

He added that he hoped parents would "start holding their kids accountable". "We as parents need to stop the bullying on the home front because bullying only breeds bullying", Cox said.