Trump Says He'll Nominate William Barr To Return As Attorney General

Trump Says He'll Nominate William Barr To Return As Attorney General

President Trump said Friday he will nominate William Barr to replace Jeff Sessions as his attorney general, and State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert as the next U.S. ambassador to the UN.

To that end, in reference to the Uranium One deal that gave a Russian state-backed firm control of 20% of USA uranium production, Barr said there is more of a reason to look into that deal than possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Barr, who served as George H.W. Bush's attorney general from 1991 to 1993, would take over a department that has come under frequent attack by the president.

After criticism that his acting attorney general wasn't confirmed by the Senate, President Trump is considering a permanent replacement who was confirmed in the role decades ago, insiders say.

While he has an extremely conservative record, Barr would also bring to the role seasoned experience and is well regarded in the legal community.

During the Senate confirmation hearings when he was first appointed attorney general, Barr said he did not agree with the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision and viewed abortion as an issue best left to the states, the Los Angeles Times reported at the time. And while Mr. Trump is known for changing his mind capriciously, he likes to poll advisers and confidants about potential nominees and has asked several people about Mr. Barr recently. "(Barr) may be the kind of person who would be easier to confirm".

Those comments elicited a sharp response from Rove, who demanded that Williams "go back and read" what Barr has said about Mueller and the probe. "I think he could get confirmed very easily".

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the No 2 Republican leader, agreed.

He also wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in May 2017 defending Trump's decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey, one of the actions Mueller has been examining for possible obstruction of justice. But Barr, made in the Republican establishment mold, is viewed as one of the safer choices for confirmation.

On November 7, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned at the request President Donald Trump.

From his time at the Central Intelligence Agency to what he's said about the Russian Federation investigation, read on for five things to know about the respected attorney.

He was quoted two months later in a Post story as expressing concern that members of Mueller's team had given contributions to Democratic candidates.

Sources familiar with the matter told the Post that Barr is a "really serious contender, and possibly the front-runner" for the position of attorney general.