Bethesda's support site leaked people's real names and addresses

Bethesda's support site leaked people's real names and addresses

Bethesda soon followed this with a seemingly more-fitting offer: an actual canvas bag, just like the publisher had originally promised.

As customers filed their support tickets to receive the proper bag for their collector's editions, Bethesda unknowingly caused a breach to their players' private information. In the weeks since the game's launch, many fans had voiced complaints over the $200 USD "Power Armor" edition of the game, which included a copy of Fallout 76, some trinkets, a Power Armor helmet, and a bag.

"These receipts contain all your info", the post reads. Information including addresses, phone numbers and partial credit card information could be viewed. However, the problems extend to support for the game, too. This timeframe may shift depending on our needs during maintenance, but we'll be sure to let you know if that happens.

While I noticed some of the improvements, like fewer issues with building and relocating my camp, I also noticed enemies acting more strangely, and even occasionally getting healed for seemingly no reason. And close it! How fun is that?

In response, a Bethesda community manager simply says in a forum thread "Hi guys, we've resolved this issue".

"During the incident, it appears that the user name, contact information, and proof of purchase information provided by a limited number of customers on their support ticket requests may have been viewable by other customers accessing the customer support website for a limited time, but no full credit card numbers or passwords were disclosed'. We plan to notify customers who may have been impacted", the company wrote on Twitter. The extent of this issue has yet to be revealed, but some people may have malicious ideas and compromise people's data.