Donald Trump Nominates Former News Anchor Heather Nauert As UN Envoy

Donald Trump Nominates Former News Anchor Heather Nauert As UN Envoy

A two-term governor of SC before joining the Trump administration, Haley announced she was stepping down with high approval ratings and a promise to support President Donald Trump in his re-election bid in 2020.

GOP consultant Rick Wilson tweeted Friday morning that he "really didn't expect we'd have UN Ambassador Nauert until President Hannity, in consultation with Vice President Doocey and Secretary of State Ingraham met to discuss their foreign policy goals". The officials were not authorized to speak publicly before Trump's announcement.

Nauert, 48, is a former Fox News Channel correspondent and anchor.

Because of her work at the State Department, Nauert would have the advantage of already knowing the Trump administration's position on all major global issues.

Nauert was criticised last month, when she posted a tourist-style Instagram photo from outside a royal court in Riyadh; she was in Saudi Arabia on an official visit with Pompeo to discuss the fallout from the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

If her appointment is confirmed she will replace Ms Haley, who had held the role since November 2016.

Nauert, 48, has been back and forth between her husband and two sons in NY and her job in Washington, D.C. But when White House officials told her they wanted her, she accepted.

Heritage Foundation fellow Brett Schaefer said Nauert has proven she has the ability to explain and defend USA foreign policy, the core requirement for being a US ambassador to the world body.

CNN, while citing her "precipitous rise" since arriving at the state department, also speculates how the Democrats are likely to "grill Nauert" on her qualifications for the position.

Other than her 20-month run as the top spokesperson at Foggy Bottom, Nauert has no diplomatic experience. She is a graduate of the Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and Mount Vernon College in Washington.

Ms Nauert was a breaking news anchor on Mr Trump's favourite television show, Fox & Friends, when she was tapped to be the face and voice of the administration's foreign policy. She hadn't specialized in foreign policy or global relations.

Sen. Jeff Merkley of OR, the top Democrat on a Senate subcommittee that oversees America's relationship with the United Nations, slammed Trump's nomination of Nauert. All the while, she stayed in the good graces of the White House, even as Tillerson was increasingly on the outs.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders described Ms Nauert in March as "a team player" and "a strong asset for the administration".