SpaceX Launches Cargo Ship to Space Station, Misses Rocket Landing

SpaceX Launches Cargo Ship to Space Station, Misses Rocket Landing

The launch itself was a success, but landing the rocket for reuse didn't go as planned. Hans claimed that the water landing was pretty much smooth and today's incident showed how SpaceX's rocket are created to save itself in case if anything goes wrong.

The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 1:16 p.m. local time. "Dragon confirmed in good orbit", followed shortly thereafter by confirmation that its solar arrays had deployed. SpaceX delivery full of Christmas goodies has arrived at the International Space Station. Before this 12 times, SpaceX has successfully boosted the booster to the ground.

Meanwhile, an attempt to recover the booster's first stage ended in failure when the booster appeared to spin out of control during its final descent, settling to an off-target "landing" in the Atlantic Ocean just east of the launch site. At 10:34 am PST (0:34 EST), Musk tweeted the apparent cause of the failed landing and addressed possible changes to avoid similar problems in the future.

Later, Musk posted the full video from on board the booster, showing the rocket spiral, then stabilize, then crash sideways into the water.

The first-stage rockets have a 84 percent recovery rate, according to the company.

While the first stage booster did not land as intended, the fact that it survived the descent is no small feat. The Dragon spacecraft, filled with 2.5 tons worth of cargo, was delivered into orbit and is expected to meet up with the ISS later in the week. Canadarm2) to capture the Dragon spacecraft and attach it to the orbiting laboratory.