YouTube Top 10 Music Videos of 2018 Dominated by Spanish-Language Tracks

YouTube Top 10 Music Videos of 2018 Dominated by Spanish-Language Tracks

The annual wince festival, YouTube Rewind, which showcases all of the "best" moments and biggest trends of YouTube from the previous year, has been and gone once again.

Will Smith is the biggest celeb to have joined YouTube in 2018 and with his bungee jump bday celebration, it made sense to have him kick things off.

The most popular YouTube music videos this year once again had a distinct espanol flavor.

The premise of the video is YouTube putting the power of Rewind into the hands of the creators and showcasing the people they feel should be featured.

I write about drag queens.

'Youtube Rewind is getting more terrible, that it made previous year a masterpiece. Many of these locally produced videos offer new perspectives to topics that are important to Singaporeans, it added.

The No. 1 music video with 1.45 billion views year-to-date is the Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny and Ozuna remix of "Te Bote", the 2017 breakup song from Casper Magico, Nio Garcia and Darell. YouTube's head of culture and trends, Kevin Allocca, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss this year's list. There were also viral clips like YouTube couple Liza Koshy and David Dobrik's breakup announcement, the great "Laurel or Yanny" debate, and the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan to help round out the list of the highest trending clips.

Another YouTube Rewind 2018 snub would certainly be all of the controversy surrounding Logan Paul. They work with big brands and big celebrities, and they represent the switch to a digital MTV that YouTube is trying to become.

YouTuber and Drama Alert host Daniel "KEEMSTAR" Keem took note of this disparity and did some research, revealing the video to be on par with one of the most disliked videos in history - the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer. While the list is not based exclusively on views, the announcement garnered 53 million views in seven days. It looks like they aren't the only ones who are disappointed in this year's video.

Though YouTube said its content creators "controlled" the direction of its roundup, the platform's community largely-and vehemently-disagrees.