Netflix nixes iTunes billing for new subscribers

Netflix nixes iTunes billing for new subscribers

Rather, users who open the app on iOS (presumably without an account or with a lapsed subscription) will be prompted to visit Netflix's official website to re-subscribe instead of being allowed to do it in-app.

Netflix has stopped letting new users pay for a subscription to its video-streaming service in its iOS app, meaning Apple no longer gets a cut of that revenue.

The move means Netflix will now avoid paying the 15 per cent levy that Apple charges on in-app subscriptions, thus keeping all subscription revenue for itself.

This means existing users who are now paying for their Netflix subscriptions via iTunes can continue to use iTunes billing until their accounts are canceled. The news outlet said that the first time it spotted a guest who was using an iOS 13-running device was back in October. The Cupertino-based tech firm's Apple Support page on Twitter confirmed the existence of the issue.

This is the most money ever spent in the App Store in a single week. Interestingly, Apple seems to have already begun working on its next-generation iOS operating system, iOS 13. Google likely lost more than $50 million in app store fees as a result of the decision, TechCrunch reported.

Video streaming on mobile devices is likely to become more popular as cellular carriers roll out high-speed 5G networks worldwide and content providers offer more live programming.