Xiaomi's Wild Foldable Phone Puts Galaxy F on Notice

Xiaomi's Wild Foldable Phone Puts Galaxy F on Notice

Xiaomi has several Redmi and Mi phones and also Poco F2 to launch this year, then there's a foldable phone that the company is reportedly working on.

And that's not all - as it turns out, Xiaomi is also working on a foldable phone. After Samsung, we were expecting many other Smartphone makers to bring their foldable devices but looks like Xiaomi has already begun the race.

Samsung wants its folding phone to have a long battery life.

The device that begins as a tablet, close to 3x the width of a standard phone.

Foldable phones look set to finally come to market in a meaningful way during 2019, so with that in mind it's likely that we'll start to see more and more leaks as time ticks on. It wouldn't come as a surprise if the model in the video is authentic and Xiaomi-branded.

While we'd usually preface any reference to Evan Blass with the phrase "unerringly accurate tipster", even he seems unsure as to the veracity of this video, but it certainly makes for nice watching: a tablet that folds in two places to make a regularly-sized phone. Blass, however, isn't very sure about the authenticity of the video.

The 20-second clip shows someone demonstrating the phone's screen-size accommodating interfaces in dimmed lighting as the user scrolls across Google Maps while they continue to fold the device along its two "hinges". "Hot new phone, or gadget porn deepfake?" The alleged foldable phone appears with three screens and can be used as a phone as well as a tablet, which is great.