Fiji water girl reveals her FAVE Golden Globes photobomb

Fiji water girl reveals her FAVE Golden Globes photobomb

Speaking to People, Kelleth said: 'There's tons of photographers everywhere. The brand took to Twitter to join in on the meme fun, but not before addressing everyone's excitement over her presence. I've just been getting bombarded by people's messages of support, people who just say they were never into watching awards until this happened. "The first meme of 2019, apparently!" she told the outlet.

Cuthbert claims Fiji Water "got a good laugh out of it", and that she was flooded with selfie requests from after-party guests, so she definitely made an impact.

The gorgeous brunette became a viral sensation overnight after pictures from the red carpet started to appear online. You might have actually seen Kelleth Cuthbert, the viral Fiji Water Girl before in a Canadian band's music video.

"That's the Fiji Water woman, as we've come to know her, who dazzled the internet with a rather strong commitment to the art of blatant promotion".

Twitter users commented on the photobombs.

She's now modeling for Wilhelmina, which previously worked with Kendall Jenner as she first launched her fashion career, The Daily Mail points out.

‘Fiji Water girl’ — a Canadian model — steals Golden Globes red carpet spotlight
'Fiji Water Girl' set for stardom after photobombing almost every Golden Globes red carpet pic

Cuthbert admitted to Rom Bokobza, a writer and producer at Condé Nast, in an Instagram story uncovered by The Cut that her photo-bombing moves on the red carpet were "calculated".

"Remember, Fiji Water is not paying one cent for every little Instagram post or Facebook picture with Fiji Water Girl in it, it's free".

In an interview on Cheddar Big News, Cuthbert relished her newfound fame ー but said it was all just part of the gig. "So you'll definitely see me again".

But we prefer the original Fiji Water Girl.

Sure enough, while she was there for the celebrities, Cuthbert became a minor celebrity herself. Unsurprisingly, Cuthbert is a model, who has worked for agencies across North America, including Wilhelmina in Los Angeles and Chicago, Plutino in Toronto, Heffner in Seattle and Donna Baldwin in Denver.