Mike Pompeo blames Obama's 'misjudged' foreign policy for chaos in Middle East

Mike Pompeo blames Obama's 'misjudged' foreign policy for chaos in Middle East

"We had a good conversation today", Pompeo said during a joint press conference.

The "decision to withdraw our troops has been made".

There has been no indication from the Trump administration of any plans to pull the much larger USA military contingent in Iraq out of the country, but a withdrawal from neighboring Syria, given the two nations' long shared border, would be of significant concern to Baghdad.

Each audience has sharply different priorities, with US President Donald Trump appearing fully prepared to pander to each of them, leaving virtually everyone, quite dangerously, utterly bewildered - if at times sure to be privately delighted.

Finally, the United States made clear that the release of captured IS militants - described as "foreign terrorists" by the USA official - held by the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces is "unacceptable".

The top Turkish diplomat said the withdrawal should be coordinated with Iran and Russian Federation to prevent terrorists from taking up the vacated regions.

"This matters because SDF holds hundreds of IS fighters, including many European citizens, and they might go free if no solution is found, " said Bobby Chesney, a national security law expert at the University of Texas.

He mulled bilateral talks between Turkey and Iran but gave no framework.

But the muddled pronouncements from the Trump administration, which swiftly walked back the planned withdrawal of troops from Syria, has triggered regional concern.

Trump's December 19th announcement that US forces would be leaving Syria left a trail of disarray in its wake. For Trump and his minions to achieve more, they must provide some clarity of goal, especially consistency at the outset. We thank all of them for their help, and we urge them to continue.

Pompeo's trip comes weeks after Trump announced that the United States would quickly pull its 2,000 soldiers out of Syria, declaring that IS had been defeated.

But the United States delegation instead delivered what Turkish officials described as a "non-paper", an unofficial diplomatic note listing a country's position on certain matters which is open for discussion.

"International law regarding the Golan Heights is clear", Safadi said.

His speech emphasized America as a force for good in the region.

The Turkish foreign minister's remarks came a day after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rebuffed Bolton and refused a meeting.

He said that Turkey would never agree to a compromise that protected the YPG, which is considered by Ankara a terrorist group. The YPG is its Syrian wing.

Pompeo said Washington "acknowledges that there is a threat to Turkey from terrorists and we will be very supportive".

Iraqi analyst Hani Ashour, who teaches political science at Baghdad University, told Sky News Arabia that the "Iraqi parliament was due to debate US troop levels in Iraq Thursday, following protests by some political parties over fears the USA was moving troops it was withdrawing from Syria to Iraq". "Given the divisions among Iraq's political leaders", he argued, "It is a strategic mistake to stick Iraq in the midst of the quarrel between the US and Iran", since Iraqi politicians "might not be able to withstand the pressure". It has also been largely incapable of achieving its declared goal of destroying Daesh.

"America's economic sanctions against the regime are the strongest in history, and will keep getting tougher until Iran starts behaving like a normal country".