AT&T Mobility CEO On Fake 5G Logo Backlash: Deal With It

AT&T Mobility CEO On Fake 5G Logo Backlash: Deal With It

The company's response to all that criticism essentially boils down to "Sorry, not sorry". Now that 5G E icon has begun rolling out, and T-Mobile made a decision to poke fun at it. AT&T calls it "building a narrative".

"What we're trying to do is two things".

What they're actually doing is calling out AT&T's misleading branding. The carrier is calling the combination "5G Evolution".

T-Mobile US's fourth-quarter wireless customer gains surpassed analyst estimates and topped strong growth at larger rival Verizon Communications, continuing the company's run as the fastest-growing USA mobile carrier.

Verizon ran a full-page ad in the The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today with the headline "When we say '5G, ' we mean 5G". T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a characteristically enthusiastic statement announcing the results. The new additions included 1 million phone customers, more than the 650,000 Verizon added in the quarter. "The potential to over-hype and under-deliver on the 5G promise is a temptation that the wireless industry must resist", it said. They won't "take an old phone and just change the software to turn the 4 in the status bar into a 5" or call their 4G network a 5G network "if customers don't experience a performance or capability upgrade that only 5G can deliver".

This week the carrier has used the backdrop of CES to tout new 5G milestones and then mercilessly mocked rival AT&T for confusing its customers with "fake 5G" icons on their phones.

Even though real 5G isn't ready for smartphones yet, Donovan gloated that "everyone within the industry who competes with us didn't like the fact that the night before last, overnight the top of your phone now shows a 5G E".