Google announces tons of new features for Google Assistant

Google announces tons of new features for Google Assistant

Just last May, it was on 500 million devices - and the new figure is thanks in large to Android smartphones (which come pre-installed with Google Assistant), Google Home speakers, and other devices or gadgets equipped with the assistant. By just asking Google to be your interpreter, the device will translate foreign spoken language in real-time into your native language either vocally or in written language.

The Consumer Electronics Show has only just begun and still has a long way to go before it is curtains on January 11 and one can not wait to see Google's pending announcements in the next few days of the show. The list of the number of languages available hasn't been provided yet but it can be assumed that the Interpreter will support all the major languages. Some of these languages are Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Thai, and Korean.

According to a report released on January 8th, Google plans to roll out Google Maps Assistant integration for both Android and iOS versions of the popular navigation application.

The Assistant works with more than 1,600 home automation brands and more than 10,000 devices.

The "Interpreter" feature is launching today and will be seen as a small pilot at a few hotels in the USA, but for everyone else, the feature is launching in the coming weeks on Google Home devices and Smart Displays. Active users have quadrupled in size during the previous year, according to the company.

Google Assistant is coming to a range of new devices, including Instant Pot's Smart WiFi Programmable Pressure Cooker, Sub Zero's refrigerator and wine store, Wolf E-Series and M-Series ovens, Cove dishwashers and the U by Moen shower.

Google pulled out all stops make a huge splash at CES 2019. More than 150 products have Alexa built in, while more than 28,000 smart-home devices made by more than 4,500 different manufacturers work with Alexa, which has more than 70,000 "skills", as apps for the platform are called.

Google's segment at CES has been filled with various announcements about its virtual assistant.

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One of the headliners was a preview of Google Assistant Connect. The Assistant also tracks the traveler's itinerary through applications such as Google Keep, Any.do, Bring! and Todoist.

Additionally, Anker and JBL are building auto accessories with Google Assistant support.

For cars with Bluetooth, the JBL Link Drive syncs a smartphone to use the car's stereo system.