LG Unveils the World’s First Rollable OLED TV

LG Unveils the World’s First Rollable OLED TV

In an industry first, a new iTunes movies and TV shows app will debut exclusively on Samsung Smart TVs.

While the single color option is a disappointment, the stand itself is a minimalist's dream: it's low to the ground, open at the bottom to allow for storage and fairly innocuous. And in case you'd like a subtle and discrete screen to display things like the time, weather, news stories and album artwork, the 65R9 has a "line view" mode which displays only a small sliver of a screen above its base.

When the TV is fully exposed, you're treated to a 4K HDR OLED TV set. Toward the notion of big reveals taken literally, display and general electronics manufacturer LG has unveiled its latest display, a beastly 88-inch 8K OLED HDTV sporting in excess of 33 million pixels.

Today during LG's keynote at CES 2019, the company announced plans to start shipping its rollable OLED TV this year.

CES will not be CES if you don't find unique screens put up on display.

Still, what we saw was particularly impressive.

At the base of the TV is a 100 watt front-firing Dolby Atmos sound bar which also serves as a housing unit for the TV when you're not watching it. The company opened a new era of innovation in the TV market, creating pioneering technologies like OLED TV and implementing an intuitive operating system to allow customers to experience the full benefits of smart TV technology.

In order to handle the 8K content, LG's new TVs are powered by its second generation Alpha 9 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm. The big change this year is that the Amazon button on the remote doubles as a way to access Alexa - a short press brings up Amazon Prime Video while a long press brings up Amazon's virtual assistant.

We'll also let you know when it might be available in the United Kingdom and USA once we find out more.

"We are really excited to be one of Apple's first TV partners for AirPlay Video", said LG senior director of home entertainment product marketing Tim Alessi.

Want more CES 2019 highlights? Though the image doesn't have many up-close details, it does at least give a sense of the scale of the TV. Check out everything we've seen, live from Las Vegas!