Poland arrests Huawei employee amid syping allegations

Poland arrests Huawei employee amid syping allegations

Citing management rules in company contracts, Huawei said it "has chose to immediately terminate its employer relationship with Wang Weijing".

"There are concerns about Huawei within North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as well".

"Huawei's biggest challenge is to prove to its partners across the world that the quality of its cyber-security services is second to none and that there's no possibility of backdoor intrusion", said Ghernatoui at the Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory and Research Group.

The development comes as a US dispute with China over a ban on Huawei is spilling over to Europe, the company's biggest foreign market, where some countries are also starting to shun its network systems over data security concerns.

A spokesperson for Orange Polska told Reuters, "On Tuesday members of the internal security agency in Poland conducted procedures inquiring into one of our workers".

Spark spokesman Andrew Pirie has previously confirmed its proposal would have seen Huawei staff install as well as supply 5G access equipment on its cellphone towers.

Reports have shown that the Chinese technology giant circumvented sanctions imposed on Iran and North Korea by providing them with telecommunications equipment that can be used to spy on their populations, otherwise known as "dual use technologies".

"One thing is clear: this is another nail in the coffin of Huawei's European ambitions", said Thorsten Benner, director of the Global Public Policy Institute, a think tank. Huawei is now the No. 1 seller of smartphones in Poland.

"Both men carried out espionage activities against Poland".

Conservative allies of President Donald Trump, who has taken a vocal and hardline stance against China's approach to intellectual property, and who finds himself in a public showdown with Congressional Democrats over border wall funding, are reportedly trying to send the message that the federal agency's lawsuit against an American business has implications that reverberate globally. Further indictments are expected, he said.

Polish state television TVP reported that the men have proclaimed their innocence, but Zaryn could not confirm that.

If convicted, they could face up to 10 years in prison.

According to the LinkedIn profile of "Stanislaw Wang" - Wang's Polish name, according to Polish media TVP - the detained Huawei employee worked at the Chinese consulate in Gdansk, Poland prior to his tenure at the Chinese tech firm.

The company added, "we have no knowledge if there is any relation of these actions to his professional duties". The resume said he received a bachelor's degree in 2004 from the Beijing University of Foreign Studies.

"We are asking the related country to deal with the case fairly based on laws" and protect the legitimate rights of the people, it said.

Any block on Huawei being involved in the roll-out of 5G in New Zealand could disproportionately impact 2degrees, which has largely relied on the Chinese firm to supply the bulk of its network technology.

China is highly concerned over the issue, the press office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.