Military cargo plane crashes in Iran, killing 15

Military cargo plane crashes in Iran, killing 15

A military cargo plane crashed near the Iranian capital Tehran with at least 10 people onboard, local media reported on Monday, January 14.

The Boeing 707, which was carrying meat from Kyrgyzstan, skidded off a runway after an emergency landing in the town of Safadasht, near the Iranian capital of Tehran.

The plane's engines and wheels are spread across the crash site and images from inside the plane's hull show it is completely charred.

The plane was reportedly carrying meat from Kyrgyzstan.

Fath Airport belongs to Iran's powerful paramilitary Revolutionary Guard.

The plane overshot the runway during its landing, Iran's aviation organisation spokesman Reza Jafarzadeh told state broadcaster IRIB. AFP.

It was not immediately clear who owned the plane.

TV said rescue teams had been sent to the area, between the airports of Fath and Payam.

A cargo plane with 16 people on board has crashed near an airport runway in Iran.

But a source told Fars agency that the plane belonged to the Iranian military's air force.

Iranians often use the word "martyrdom" for those who die in war or national service.

It was later confirmed it belonged to Iran's air force.

The Fars news agency said 16 people were on board and one survivor has so far been found.