Murray could get MLB deal from A's to choose baseball

Murray could get MLB deal from A's to choose baseball

The Oakland A's took Kyler Murray at No. 9 overall in the 2018 MLB Draft with the idea that the Oklahoma quarterback would leave football behind and turn his focus to the diamond. Teams are usually barred from giving major league contracts to recently drafted players, as it could be seen as a loophole to MLB's draft bonus pool system. Murray is expected to declare for the National Football League draft before the Monday deadline, though doing so in no way would preclude him from agreeing to a new deal with the A's.

The Athletics are looking to keep their top draft pick in the baseball realm.

"He's either going to be a Major League Baseball star or he's going to be a Pro Bowler", Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley said.

According to multiple reports, Murray is asking for a significant increase in guaranteed money from Oakland - as he should, given he has incredible leverage right now - although the number is in flux.

The chances seem high at this point that Murray, who projects to be one of the first quarterbacks taken, will enter the draft. According to Mike Leslie of WFAA, Murray wants $15 million guaranteed from Oakland otherwise he will enter the NFL Draft. Whatever sport he chooses, Murray, 21, will need to begin training for it sooner than later.

So, either something is off with that $15 million figure or Boras has something allowed under MLB guidelines in the works (i.e. Murray having a full-on MLB-level salary as a minor leaguer after exhausting that $1,100 per month maximum in his first minor-league season). Murray would then be out of options after 2022 and would be subject to waivers to stay in the minors.

The A's gave Murray a $4.66 million signing bonus previous year after choosing him with the ninth pick in the draft despite the center fielder's limited baseball experience. And the A's now have a choice to make.