NASA Astronaut Eric Boe Is Pulled From Boeing's Starliner Test Flight

NASA Astronaut Eric Boe Is Pulled From Boeing's Starliner Test Flight

Fincke, 51, joined the NASA astronaut corps in 1996.

Boeing astronaut Chris Ferguson, who commanded the last house shuttle flight in 2011 earlier than leaving NASA, mentioned it would have been "an honor" to fly with Boe once more to the area station. In a new announcement, NASA reveals that it is swapping out one of the astronauts expected to participate in the very first manned flight of the Boeing Starliner ship, which will ferry travelers to and from the International Space Station.

The latest schedule for commercial crew test flights calls for Boeing to perform an uncrewed test flight of Starliner in March, followed by the crewed test flight in August.

NASA is replacing one of the astronauts from the first crewed test launch of the CST-100 Starliner, a capsule being developed by Boeing to take passengers to the global space station. He replaces astronaut Eric Boe, who will not fly for medical reasons, NASA said.

He was then selected as one of four astronauts to work closely with Boeing and SpaceX in the development of their Starliner and Dragon crew transportation spacecraft - working with fellow astronauts Bob Behnken, Doug Hurley, and Sunita Williams. NASA says, "NASA astronaut E. Michael "Mike" Fincke will replace astronaut Eric Boe due to some unspecified medical reasons". He served as mission specialist on space shuttle Endeavour's final mission. Taking his seat will be Mike Fincke, a former space station commander.

Boe and three other NASA astronauts were chosen in 2015 as the first commercial crew members. During that mission, Fincke broke the previous US record for longest time in space.

News 6 interviewed Boe in August, when NASA announced the astronauts who will be flying on the SpaceX and Boeing missions.

This will be Fincke's fourth trip to space. They had been on the same shuttle flight in 2008 throughout station building.

Fincke has amassed a total of 381 days 15 hours 11 minutes in space and has 48 hours 37 minutes of spacewalk experience to his name.

"Fincke takes the place of astronaut Eric Boe, originally assigned to the mission in August 2018", NASA officials said in a statement.

Now available schedules from NASA show this mission launching No Earlier Than (NET) August 2019 - though it is expected to slip deeper into 2019.