Student Dies After Eating Leftover Pasta That Was Five Days Old

Student Dies After Eating Leftover Pasta That Was Five Days Old

It seems that deadly bacteria, Bacillus cereus, proliferated in the 5-day-old spaghetti the student consumed.

The young man, known as AJ, was found unresponsive after eating leftover spaghetti that had not been refrigerated.

Fecal swabs revealed the presence of Bacillus cereus, a bacteria responsible for "fried rice syndrome", food poisoning commonly caused by leaving fried rice dishes sitting at room temperature for several hours.

A 20-year-old student died after he ate a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce, which was made five days earlier. AJ had warmed the meal up in the microwave, and within 30 minutes was complaining of a severe headache, stomach pains, and nausea.

While the student experienced both of these symptoms, he treated it as a regular bout of food poisoning, hydrating himself with water, and taking no medication.

"B. cereus produces two types of toxins - emetic (vomiting) and diarrhoeal - causing two types of illness". Unfortunately, his parents found him dead the next morning after he failed to wake up for class.

Details of the shocking death emerged again after it was highlighted by a renowned plant-based physician Dr Neal Barnard on his YouTube channel.

"Although we can not incriminate B cereus as the direct and unique cause of death, the present case illustrates the severity of the emetic and diarrhoeal syndromes and the importance of adequate refrigeration of prepared food", he said. "But for AJ a second agent was found", Professor Bernard said in the video.

The sudden death of a Belgium student who ate rotten pasta has made worldwide headlines after a United States professor used the case study to explain the impact of severe food poisoning on the human body.

I come from a big family so when I cook I tend to go a bit overboard with the quantity so there's nearly always extra food that can't be finished in one sitting.

According to reports, AJ died in 2008 and the case was featured in the US Journal of Clinical Microbiology.

The pasta was left out on the side for two days before it was put in the fridge.

Bernard said it's important to note that A.J.'s death is not a "typical" food poisoning case, although other fatalities have been documented before so it's important to be wary of food left out without refrigeration, or anything that smells odd.

Another wrote: "I was eating some suspect leftover food while watching another medical video on YouTube, then this video auto-played".