Still a Long Way to Go in Addressing Mental Health Needs: Advocate

Still a Long Way to Go in Addressing Mental Health Needs: Advocate

They're so much more than that.

The Canadian Olympic Committee is also trying to shed some light on the topic as they have created a short documentary on Olympic diver Francois Imbeau-Dulac and his battle with mental health as well as a write-up on Olympic soccer player Stephane Labbe.

From what Alan Stevenson has seen, Bell Let's Talk has had a positive impact, especially with high-profile people such as Hughes having the courage to show her vulnerability in telling her story.

In one segment of the video, Const. Sun Karir said she aims to respond to calls involving mental health issues through a lens of compassion and understanding, treating others the way she would want someone to treat a member of her own family.

To date $93.4 million has been donated to mental health initiatives.

"Not only did we achieve significant new milestones in participation and Bell funding, Canada's leadership in growing the mental health conversation is clearly capturing the attention of the world".

Last year Bell Media provided $500,000 to the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal Foundation (FIUSMM) to develop apps and mobile support applications, $1 million to the Mental Health Commission of Canada to develop programs to support post-secondary students, $400,000 to the Montreal General Hospital Foundation to acquire a repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) device, and $150,000 to Ogijiita Pimatiswin Kinamatwin for Indigenous youth support services.

Local school districts are joining millions of Canadians today in helping to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

"Bell Let's Talk" is more than a hashtag; it's a movement.

But talking about it is just the first step: Visit for more ways you can effect change and build awareness around mental health.

The CMHA accepts self-referrals for people seeking help, but Stevenson said, "We certainly encourage people to be referred by their primary care provider, just because we want to include them to the best of our ability in the care provided".

"Bell Let's Talk is a great starting point", she said. According to Bell Media, more than 200 Canadian university and college campuses will be holding athletic events this year to support mental health initiatives.