Disney won’t duct tape Deadpool’s R-rated potty mouth, says Iger

Disney won’t duct tape Deadpool’s R-rated potty mouth, says Iger

Does that mean it's leaving Netflix for Disney+?

In the company's recent financial call, Disney CEO Bob Iger explained more of why this has been the case and in simplest terms, it's because he thinks they're not that good when it comes to gaming.

Iger also said there was no intention to bring Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+ together, and the company had taken the view that "we'd serve the consumer better by segregating all three".

Referring to the launch window, he also said, "Because we need to launch the service with some volume and it takes time to ramp up, we're buying certain products from the outside opportunistically".

"Captain Marvel" will be the first Disney Plus exclusive film, signaling a change in which Disney movies will no longer appear initially on Netflix.

Iger told analysts that Disney's experience with ESPN+ had demonstrated the robustness of the BAMTech platform it had invested in, which he said had provided a stable platform on which to launch Disney+. It's left many wondering if Disney might be fed up with how fruitless the partnership has ben, and if we might get somebody else - like Disney themselves - making Star Wars games in the near future. No matter where you now stream Disney movies, you can expect them to only be available on Disney+ beginning with Captain Marvel. While Stan has the rights to stream Marvel content in Australia, there has been no official confirmation as to if Captain Marvel will be available on the streaming service if Disney+ is not in Australia at that point. Not only will Marvel Studios continue to exert ultimate creative control over the franchise, but Deadpool 3 promises to be just as "R-Rated" as the other two in the series.

There'll be more info about Disney+ on April 11, when the company will demo the new Disney+ app.