Apex Legends from EA Games crosses 10 million downloads within 72 hours

Apex Legends from EA Games crosses 10 million downloads within 72 hours

The plot twist: EA shares were up more than 13% on Friday afternoon.

The company, late Thursday, announced its latest title, Apex Legends, had reached 1 million concurrent players and 10 million total players in just 72 hours.

Apex Legends Part Not Ready Error
Apex Legends crossed 1 million concurrent players in under 72 hours

The Firestorm release date isn't expected at least until March, but that still not a whole lot of separation between it and Apex Legends. But there are some players who still have yet to jump into the game yet. Not only has it entered the battle royale genre, immediately getting everyone hyped, it also brings its own unique twist with its Legends' various abilities.

On Wednesday publisher Electronic Arts it is looking to the releases of "Apex Legends" as well as BioWare's "Anthem" to help following a hard financial quarter. While the game is a traditional battle royale affair, of course, it's a somewhat different spin on the formula, as it kind of crosses Fortnite with Overwatch. That number was confirmed by Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampella via Twitter. That certainly seems to be the case right now, as players around the world are reporting the error message, "unable to connect to EA servers". And unlike EA's other upcoming game Anthem - which has some trouble on consoles, particularly of the Xbox variety - Apex Legends runs pretty well on consoles, especially Microsoft's supped up premium Xbox One X. The knife is part of the Wraith Heirloom Set, which is the first Heirloom set available in the game, developers Respawn Entertainment has promised more sets for the future. There will be four Apex Legends seasons throughout 2019, so let us delve into everything we know about the Apex Legends battle pass including what to expect and when exactly it will be here. More Legends will be coming to the game, but not via the battle pass.