Durant blasts media amid free agency, Knicks rumors: 'Grow up'

Durant blasts media amid free agency, Knicks rumors: 'Grow up'

Following Golden State's 141-102 blowout win over the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, the 30-year-old forward broke his silence and revealed that he's fed up with the way the media has treated him as it pertains to rumors about his future. I have nothing to do with the Knicks, I don't know who traded Porzingis, it ain't got nothing to do with me. They got nothing to do with me. We talk all the time - just like I do with all the players. Every time I say something, it gets twisted up and thrown out in so many publications. "And he just walks around here, don't talk to nobody, just walk in here and survey and write something like that, and now you gotta pile on me because I don't wanna talk to y'all about that". "Come on man. Grow up".

He implored the media to "grow up", and specifically directed his comment at someone in attendance and reiterated "yeah you, grow up". I come here to work every day and cause no problems. So, if I don't say nothing, it's a problem. Well, I try to play the right way. As I mentioned, he's been so good for several years taking care of all of his responsibilities on and off the floor.

"I told you when the season started that I thought he was going to end up with the Knicks". Yes, Kevin Durant is a big part of that. I think you just give him a pass.

Durant said the rumors he's leaving for NY "makes it seem like it's coming from me" and that "it's unnecessary". I just tell them, "He's playing OK, but he's just not talking right now". So what he can't control is B.S. that happens in the media or people making a decision for him or all this other stuff.

Did it have anything to do with free agency?

"It's the conversation you all [the media] have", he said. The Knicks would probably target Durant and another star player this summer, and Durant has stayed mum since the transaction last week.

"If Durant didn't like the narrative that was surrounding him, he could have squashed it easily last week".

With media reports swirling that Durant is ready to leave Golden State in free agency this summer and speculation mounting where the Warriors' star might land, a source close to the situation confirmed to Field Level Media that the National Basketball Association and Warriors were in discussions about ending his relative silence. All he had to do was ask - dictaphones, iPhones, and satellite trucks were on the ready. Particularly, KD called out The Athletic's Ethan Strauss, who noted that many around the league believe Durant is heading to the Knicks.

Add to that the spat with Green, who was suspended last fall for, as Yahoo put it, conduct detrimental to Durant's future with the team.

"Let us play basketball, " Durant said in his two-and-a-half minute rant. "Leave." That history made it logical to pursue sources about Durant's state of mind, no matter how frustrating he finds it.

Today, head coach Steve Kerr said Durant was, "blowing off some steam".