Where is Benjamin Mendy?

Where is Benjamin Mendy?

A shock to Guardiola who thought he was in Paris.

Manchester City's Benjamin Mendy has sparked controversy after an Instagram post led journalists to question a confused Pep Guardiola whether the full back was in Hong Kong this week.

"Wow, I didn't know", was Guardiola's rather stunned reply, which was being broadcast live on Sky Sports News. "Fuck, he's a lucky guy!"

Pep Guardiola was left speechless after it was revealed to the Manchester City boss that defender Benjamin Mendy may have travelled to Hong Kong.

"Before he went he said "I'm going one day to Paris", and that's OK because that's here, but Hong Kong is far away, so I don't know".

"Mendy has a lot of things to improve and hopefully we can convince him to forget a little bit the social media and improve a few things", Guardiola said, per The Guardian. Hong Kong, definitely not.

"I have to install Instagram because I don't know". Yesterday he was in Barcelona.

Mendy was in trouble earlier this season when he was late for a rehabilitation session at the training ground, having been at boxing match in London the night before.

"I had tickets to go but the Premier League chose to put the game at Everton then".

With the hashtag #WheresMendy, the France global raised more eyebrows over his location in a Twitter post which appeared to suggest he was in Dubai. "There are times when teammates are in better condition, in football what you have done in the past - you have to do in future".