Groom accused of sexually assaulting server, starting fights at his wedding reception

Groom accused of sexually assaulting server, starting fights at his wedding reception

A groom was arrested after allegedly forcing himself on a teenage waitress, groping the girl and exposing himself to her in a bathroom stall - at his own wedding reception. The police allege they boarded the bus and demanded Aimers get off.

An affidavit says the waitress had spurned Aimers' advances during the reception.

A brief struggle ensued before police took Aimers into custody, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The newlywed faces numerous charges including indecent assault, indecent exposure, false imprisonment of a minor and related offences.

In the complaint, Aimers then started "pushing and punching people" by the venue's front doors.

The incident allegedly unfolded on the evening of November 24, 2018 at the Northampton Valley Country Club after Aimers asked a teenage server there to "make out" with him.

The teen told police the groom then offered her US$100, saying she could do "whatever you want" and telling her to "kiss him like she means it", adding that the experience had left her shaken.

Authorities said that Aimers essentially challenged a responding officer to a fight rather than complying with orders. He allegedly got into a fight with a club employee who tried to stop him from taking alcohol outside the reception hall onto country club grounds, police say. Authorities say that later on that night, Aimers followed the waitress into the women's bathroom, pulled her into a stall and forcibly kissed her before attempting to unbutton his trousers. The girl was able to escape Aimers a second time.

When Aimers began attempting to unbutton her trousers, the victim said, she grabbed his hands and pushed them away. She pushed him off and ran from the bathroom.

Aimers posted 10 percent of his $350,000 bail and has since been released from jail.

His lawyer, Louis Busico, says Aimers "completely maintains his innocence on all charges".

Aimers' preliminary hearing for the sexual assault is scheduled for February 21.