Meghan Markle's father shares the letter she wrote him after her wedding

Meghan Markle's father shares the letter she wrote him after her wedding

The former "Suits" actress recounted in the letter that she and Prince Harry repeatedly reached out to Markle before the wedding, that she personally helped him financially, and that she only learned of his reported heart attack through the tabloids.

The father of the Duchess of Sussex has dismissed claims that he has not attempted to contact his daughter.

Meghan, who's expecting her first child with Prince Harry (34), apparently wrote the letter to reach out to her father.

Meghan Markle wrote a five-page letter to her father after her wedding.

Mr Markle was referring to the fact that information about the letter was revealed to the world because of an anonymous interview that five of Meghan's friends gave to People last week.

"Not simply because you have manufactured such unnecessary and unwarranted pain, but by making the choice to not tell the truth as you are puppeteered in this".

Meghan also admonishes her father for siding with her half-sister Samantha - who has attacked her in the press - while she "silently suffered at the hand of her vicious lies". "Something I will never understand", she wrote.

Mr. Markle this weekend shared "devastating" details of a letter sent to him by his daughter last summer with the Mail on Sunday.

The duchess further went on to say that he didn't even tell her he wouldn't be attending the wedding, despite telling the press he had, that she had "only ever loved, protected, and defended" him and that she was distraught to hear of his heart attack the week before her wedding from the tabloids, not from him directly.

"On a daily basis you fixated and clicked on the lies they were writing about me, especially those manufactured by your other daughter, who I barely know", Meghan wrote in a letter to her father. Please allow us to live our lives in peace.

It's pretty damn heartbreaking to read a letter from a woman begging her father to stop exploiting her for fame and money.

"When I opened the letter I was hoping it was the olive branch I'd longed for", he said.

According to the reports, one source revealed that the duchess always did nice things for the crew on movie sets, bringing them gourmet burgers and going above and beyond the usual call of duty, something she reportedly still does with her crew, however, this time being the staff at Kensington Palace.

Instead, he tells the Daily Mail that the estrangement with his daughter is causing him massive stress, and she is the one refusing to take his calls.