Multiple rounds of snow showers plus a risky ice storm unfolding!

Multiple rounds of snow showers plus a risky ice storm unfolding!

A special weather statement has been issued for Guelph and surrounding areas, warning that significant snow, freezing rain and strong winds could be on their way Tuesday.

One county official warned the storm could be a "once every decade or two occurrence", CBS News' Carter Evans reported.

If the snow doesn't turn into ice pellets and freezing rain, however, total snowfall amounts could be higher.

With the possibility of some wintry mixed precipitation early Sunday morning, crews from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be watching the weather over the weekend. There may be a few upper 30s on the map in areas to the north and east.

Sunday night: Cloudy with snow possible after midnight, mainly from NYC and points south.

Considering the city's last snowstorm had colleges and universities shutting down, flights cancelled, and people literally skiing through downtown streets, you should probably prepare for your life to be slightly delayed, interrupted, or completely inconvenienced between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Lows in the upper 20s.

Temperatures should reach the low 40s Sunday afternoon, so any hazardous conditions should be gone rather quickly. The sky will remain cloudy through tonight, with a chance of scattered showers as an east-southeast wind returns. Temperatures looks fairly standard for February in this time: 60s for highs Monday and Tuesday, 50s on Wednesday and Thursday.