Newborn girl rescued from drain pipe in Durban

Newborn girl rescued from drain pipe in Durban

Paramedics rescue a newborn girl from a drain in Newlands East, Durban on 11 February 2019.

Local PR councillor, Shontel De Boer, who was also at scene this morning said witnessing the rescue mission was a "chilling" experience as everyone was hoping that the baby was alive.

Paramedics attend to the baby girl after she was rescued.

Police are investigating the matter.

Rescue Care spokesman, Garrith Jamieson said the baby was stuck quite a deep way down the stormwater pipes.

He added that they can hear the baby crying and have gained access into the pipe.

He said: 'Currently she is in a stable condition and our helicopter has taken off with the child to get her to hospital where doctors are waiting to receive her.

Her cries were first noticed by a passer-by.

He added:' It is great news she has been rescued and she is now in a stable condition so a great ending for all the rescuers and personnel and paramedics who did this.

Thelma Johnson who lives next door to where rescue workers and paramedics drilled for the baby, said, "Today is my birthday and I feel like this miracle baby is my gift. The community was very helpful and supportive which we are also grateful for".