Katy Perry-Designed Shoes Pulled Amid Blackface Backlash

Katy Perry-Designed Shoes Pulled Amid Blackface Backlash

"Regarding Katy Perry's shoes; if you have to second guess whether a design is blackface/ probably is!" posted another Twitter user.

Katy Perry's fashion line is pulling a number of shoes from retailers including Dillards and Walmart after one of the styles was criticized for evoking racist imagery.

Perry's sources say the shoes were part of a line of shoes that she designed and were never meant to be offensive.

The features on both include two blue eyes, a beige colored nose and large red lips.

Gucci, meanwhile, stopped selling a black sweater last week because it partially covers the wearer's face, which prompted some to claim it too closely resembled blackface. How the page for Katy Perry's "Rue Face Slip On Loafers" looked at one point on Dillard's website Monday afternoon.

Two styles from Katy Perry Collections - the Rue Face slip-on loafer and the Ora Face block-heel sandal - are now being pulled from stores, according to TMZ.

Fashion designer Dapper Dan released a statement on Gucci and Prada's previous Blackface designs, calling out the brands who need to hold responsibility for their offensive designs.

Global Brands Group, Katy Perry's joint venture partner for her footwear line, did not immediately respond to FN's request for comment.