Trump appears to joke about Native American genocide

Trump appears to joke about Native American genocide

She might be referring to Trump's tweet Saturday when Trump slammed Warren in what appeared to be a joke about the Trail of Tears, the forced relocation of thousands of Native Americans during the 19th century.

'On his Instagram account, Don Jr posted a screenshot of President Trump's tweet from Saturday, adding the caption: 'Savage!

Hours after Warren, the senator from MA, formally kicked off her campaign on Saturday, the president renewed his criticism of her past claims of Native American heritage.

New Mexico Democratic Rep. Deb Haaland, one of the first Native American women in Congress, said on CNN's "At This Hour" with Kate Bolduan that she took Trump's remark to be about the Trail of Tears.

But Warren guessed that the shift could focus if Trump left the picture within the next two years.

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) suggested that President Donald Trump may be jailed by the time election day in 2020 rolls around.

The Massachusetts senator also urged fellow candidates to avoid letting Trump define the contours of the election with his personal and provocative attacks.

Warren fired back: "Every day there's a racist tweet, a hateful tweet, something really dark and ugly". We're going to chase after those every day?'

The more traction Warren's campaign gains, though, the more it undermines her claim that "the rich and powerful have rigged our political system", writes Ira Stoll.

"By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be President". "In fact, he may not even be a free person". It's no longer just the Mueller investigation ... "It's to talk about what we understand is broken in this country, talk about what needs to be done to change it and talk about how we're going to do that, because that is not only how we win, it's how we make the change we need to make".

Trump has not been charged with any crimes, but several of his former advisers have pleaded guilty to a variety of charges. In her speech, Warren pledged not to accept any lobbying or super PAC money, challenging other Democrats running in the primary to do the same.

The Trump campaign responded to Warren's claims in a Sunday statement, mocking her over the release of her DNA test results, which she recently apologized for amid backlash from the Cherokee Nation and liberal activists.