Gmail is Rolling Out Neat Right-Click Features to G Suite Customers

Gmail is Rolling Out Neat Right-Click Features to G Suite Customers

If you can't see the changes in your Gmail inbox, that's because Google has just started the rollout, so it'll reach your Gmail inbox soon. Once the change lands, it is possible to use often used actions such as reply directly from the list of emails; something that has not been possible before using the user interface, if I'm not mistaken.

What do you think about the improved right click?

Google is gradually rolling out the new context menu experience for Gmail users, starting with G Suite users on Rapid Release domains.

For example, users can right-click on an email to reply to or forward it from their inbox.

Of course, you already have all those options, in Gmail's top menu (some are hidden behind the additional, three-dot menu, though) and you can also access them via keyboard shortcuts.

Use search to find emails by the contact.

Google has gradually been updating Gmail over the years, and the refreshed context menu provides easy access to more message options. These features will still be available on the updated menu. You'll also be able to search for similar emails, including looking up other messages from that sender or emails with the same subject.

Windows users can click on menu key. Scheduled release domains (in which users get features at least a week after they're released publicly) will get the feature beginning February 22.