OnePlus to show off 5G phone prototype at MWC 2019

OnePlus to show off 5G phone prototype at MWC 2019

The attendees at MWC will get to experience 5G gaming on a prototype OnePlus device. OnePlus invites its MWC visitors at the company booth stating that, "communicate with [their] community over a 5G network".

OnePlus announced has that a prototype of its first 5G-compatible smartphone will be on display at the Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks.

The fact that the handset will be at Qualcomm's stand is no great surprise. The statement makes it seem that OnePlus is more likely going to show off the phone's 5G capabilities rather than the phone itself. The upcoming flagship has to improve on the weaknesses of its predecessor ...

Hopefully anyway. There's no telling what changes might be made to the phone between now and release, and what's on show might not anything like what goes on sale later this year.

So that means we'll definitely see a OnePlus 5G phone there of some type - OnePlus confirmed it would be doing a 5G phone last autumn while OnePlus and Qualcomm announced in December that it would use Qualcomm's own Snapdragon 855 platform alongside the X50 modem.

There have been a few rumours and also comments from OnePlus themselves that have given us a few details of their 5G smartphone. Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, has already suggested this phone might cost between $200 and $300 more than other OnePlus handsets and that it might have a similar design to its previous phones. Also, being one of the first to market with a 5G phone is not about bragging rights, but about allowing it to learn and iterate for future products. It is expected that this phone will be offered as a separate model to the inevitable OnePlus 7 flagship refresh, which should also be based on the Snapdragon 855 SoC. Rumors say the highest-end variant of the Galaxy S10 lineup will feature 5G connectivity.